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Lightening, Thunder, & Rain Oh My!

August 25, 2012 by - 2 Comments

Lightening, Thunder, Rain, Oh My!

We live in Florida and there are lots of general summer storms. They can be very loud and dark. ┬áThere are also many hurricane warnings (like now for Hurricane Isaac). ┬áMany children and adults with communication challenges can become upset or anxious because of the loud noises, the change in routines, and/or the heightened state of anxiety that is usually around the house or community. Because of this we are often asked to help find visual support resources. Here are some great prepared visual support stories and resources that we use: Bad Weather Tips and Story by Hands in Autism Hurricane Preparedness More Hurricane Preparedness Thunder/Lightning Storms Thunder Box   Sometimes though the prepared supports do not meet the needs for specific learners. Here are our tips for developing your own storm visual supports and resources   Creating Personal Participation Stories Use language of the story that is at the... [Read More...]

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