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3 Communication-Behavior Visual Support Power Tools!

October 3, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

3 Communication-Behavior Visual Support Power Tools

Behavior challenges tend to be a major concern of speech-language pathologists, parents, and educators alike.  It is the area that is often most nerve wracking for many professionals and families.  But once you get a set of strategies that help you have a plan, most challenging behaviors can be reduced.  We like to think of challenging behaviors as opportunities 1: for the learner to practice understanding or expression of communication and language and 2: for facilitators/educators to use behavior strategies or learn new ones.    So in order to be best prepared for challenging behaviors, start a Communication-Behavior Strategy Tool Kit.  Here  some powerful tools  that will help ALL learners. 3 Power Tools for Communication & Behavior Choice Boards- helps give a learner power but under our guidelines and boundaries. With choice boards, a student learns more communication while having less power struggles/behavior challenges.  Opportunity to teach choice making, expression... [Read More...]

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