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AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week #38: September 2019

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Happy Sunday, AAC friends! Here are some posts you may have missed in your busy week. Monday – How I Do It: Setting Up an AAC Implementation Plan Tuesday – AAC Link Up Wednesday – Video of the Week: The Unspoken Voices Project Thursday – PrAACtical Resources: Partner Strategies Booklet & Communication Functions Poster ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: If you have time, here are a few more posts to check out. AAC Vocabulary Lists PrAACtical Suggestions: 5 Ways to Elicit Language Without Asking a Direct Question Are you AACtually Listening? PrAACtical Suggestions: How to Get Started with A New AAC Client PrAACtical Questions: How Do I Find Good AAC Service Providers? Have a great week!

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Most American schools are implementing some form of a service delivery model called Response to Intervention (RTI). In this post, we bring you an article by Drs. Sandy Grether and Linda Sickman on how the tiered system of supports in RTI can be applied to students with AAC needs. They discuss the role of the SLP and explain best practices in supporting AAC learners using this approach. Their article was part of a special issue entitled ‘AAC from Preschool to High School: Building Success with Evidence-Based Interventions,’ guest edited by Karen Fallon. The online version, available here, is hosted at the University of New Hampshire.   Grether, S.M, & Sickman, L.S. (2008). AAC and RTI: Building classroom-based strategies for every child in the classroom. Seminars in Speech and Language, 29, 155-164.

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