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When Students are Reluctant to Use AAC: 5 Things to Try

April 16, 2018 by - Leave your thoughts

When Students are Reluctant to Use AAC: 5 Things to Try

Work with students who are reluctant to use their AAC in front of others? Sometimes students become self-conscious and hesitate to use SGDs or other forms of AAC out of the fear that it will make them stick out. Of course, we do our best to encourage them but what else can we do? Here are a few things to try. Normalize AAC use: When lots of people use AAC, it reduces the student’s feeling that they stick out. Be relentless in your own modeling, and help others to build the habit of using AAC when they speak. Connect them with an AAC mentor: Role models can have a powerful influence on our perception of our world and ourselves. Connect students to others who use AAC successfully. If there aren’t older students or adults in your community, consider making online connections using social media. There are quite a few people... [Read More...]

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The PrAACtical Side of Giving: Random AACts of Kindness

December 12, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

The best thing about the holiday season, in our humble opinion, is the heightened sense of caring that people have toward one another. No matter what our religious belief systems may be, December seems to be the month when we are inspired to extend more kindness to each other. We got to thinking about this the other day, particularly about the old adage that “It is better to give, than to receive.” The act of giving really is some worth talking about, and not just because it is the holiday season. Here’s why: For many people, self-worth is related to our ability to contribute. Simply put, we feel better about ourselves and about the world when we give to others. Because of the competing demands on AAC learners and the many challenges in the daily lives, people with significant communication difficulties often get left behind in the experience of giving.... [Read More...]

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