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Thoughts on Practice in AAC Instruction

October 14, 2019 by - 1 Comment

Decorative image with text: Thoughts on Practice in AAC Instruction

In therapy, Matthew made sentences with many of the vocabulary words he learned 4 months ago. He hasn’t generalized that skill to the classroom yet, largely because it is still quite effortful for him to find the new words and use them to build sentences. With more experience and a lot of practice, this is sure to improve. Teesha is learning how to use 2-switch step scanning with her speech-generating device to share her thoughts and make requests. Because she’s relatively new at this, it takes a lot of effort to express herself with the AAC system. Her team is confident that this will eventually become easier and faster for Teesha, but that will only come with a lot of practice. Mallory has a lot to say, and, at times, she can hardly contain her enthusiasm for sharing her thoughts and ideas. Often, though, she spends a minute or more... [Read More...]

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Video of the Week: Short Conversation- Kreed’s World

December 22, 2013 by - 1 Comment

Short Conversations by Kreed's World

Awesome video from Kreed’s World on teaching short conversations.  Look at the great example of the language facilitation strategy:  repetition with variety. Also, look at the meaningful language experience for Kreed (and his communication partner) as the conversation was authentic and based on Kreed’s interest.

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