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PrAACtical Uses for QR Codes

August 19, 2013 by - 2 Comments

PrAACtical Uses for QR Codes

In some of our posts, we talked about using QR (Quick Response)  codes as a way to share information.  If you are new to QR codes, they are like bar codes in that you scan them with some kind of device (like a smart phone or tablet) that has software or an app that reads the code. Then what? Then it takes you to whatever the author wanted you to see or hear. For example, a QR code on an SGD in a loan library might take you to a quick start tutorial on the manufacturer’s website. A QR code on a handout might take you an electronic copy of that handout  that is stored on someone’s website or a cloud service, like DropBox or Google Docs/Drive. A QR code on the student’s picture card ring might take you to an audio recording of directions for how to complete a... [Read More...]

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