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Teach Me Tuesday: Predictable by TBox Apps

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Teach Me Tuesday: Predictable by TBox Apps

Predictable by Therapy Box Apps Learn about the Predictable AAC app. It is a text-to-speech application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  There is an easy to use word prediction system and also switch access. There are even customizable AAC functions with social media integration. Predictable is available for both iOS and Android platforms.   User’s Guide Predictable Update- 3.3  Videos– Introduction to Predictable, Pairing Therapy Box Switch Box to iDevice, Voices in Predictable, A Guide to iOS7 Switch Access Predictable for Android by TBox Switch Guide Voice Output Troubleshooting for Predictable Recorded Webinars on Predictable User Stories Where To Go for Help:  info@tboxapps.com  

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