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Appy Learning with The Speech Techie

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Appy Learning with the Speech Techie

  What a wonderful way to start off a summer of learning! Last week, I was fortunate to be able to sit alongside a wonderful group of SLPs, OTs, teachers, and graduate students and participate in two full days of learning from  Sean Sweeney, known to many of you as The Speech Techie. Thanks to the generous support of the University of Miami-Nova Southeastern University Centers for Autism and Related Disabilities (UM-NSU CARD) and the Partnership for Effective Programs for Students with Autism (PEPSA), funded by the Florida Department of Education, Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services, we were able to offer this workshop for free. The topic, Apps in Context: Aligning Technology with Methodologies and Clinical Objectives for Students with Autism, is one that is near and dear to my heart. Like many on you, I am always looking for new ways to engage AAC learners, and using fun apps is a great... [Read More...]

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Don’t Miss These Visual Supports & the Chance to PrAACtice Language Facilitation Strategies

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Don't Miss Visual Supports & the Chance to PrAACtice Language Facilitation

We have to commend  and thank a classroom teacher who made it her priority to learn and share information about visual supports and communication. She developed a great wiki with many awesome visual support downloads.  She worked with a mentor through the Florida Partnership for Effective Programs for Students with Autism (PEPSA). The mission of this great  program is to enhance the education for students with autism spectrum disorders.  With projects like this, the education of everyone is enhanced. The visual supports are for PrAACtical activities and learning. Find your favorite and then apply language facilitation strategies when teaching communication with the symbols. Check this out at: http://pkautismvisuals.wikispaces.com/Welcome Academic Supports Basic Communication Daily Routines Fun and Games      

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