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5 Ways to Get More Popular- AAC Style

April 3, 2013 by - Leave your thoughts

5 Ways to Get More Popular AAC Style

Popularity may or may not be important to children or adults, but most of us would like to have some friends and at least some people we can share information with. From a facilitator’s point of view, we need AAC users to have conversations with a variety of people. The more prAACtice in conversational exchanges the better. We have learned (through research and clinical experience) that if we teach specific skills, communication partners are more likely to initiate and respond to AAC communication. Here are things to teach for ‘conversational’ popularity 1. Teach Partner Focused Questions What’s up? How are you doing? How is your family? How are you feeling? What are you thinking? 2. Teach Social/Participation Scripts Attention Getters Starters Maintainers Turn Transfers Closings Let’s talk. Guess what? And next.. What’s your thoughts? That’s it. Come here. Let me tell you something. want a hint? Amazing right? See you later.... [Read More...]

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