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Organizing Vocabulary for Communication Books: Getting Started

December 8, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

Organizing Vocabulary for Communication Books: Getting Started

Organizing vocabulary on communication boards sometimes feels overwhelming, especially if you have not had specific training or education in this area.  It is a huge responsibility because if the communicator can not navigate the communication book easily and quickly they might ‘lose’ motivation or ‘lose’ a listener.  A problem that often occurs in ordering vocabulary for a communication book is that there appears to have been no plan. And when there are no plans, disorganization usually occurs and with disorganization comes chaos.   So to avoid chaos, it is very helpful to make long term plan. Long Term Plan Considerations- A Beginning: Language Learning– it is often helpful to order vocabulary on a communication display so that the communicator can learn language and literacy in addition to functional communication. With this in mind, core and fringe vocabulary can be organized in a way that follows a left to right access to... [Read More...]

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