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5 Genius Reasons to Discover & Love MeeGenius

February 11, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

Reasons to Discover and Love MeeGenius

Books, books, and more books!   We love reading, personally and professionally.  We found this e-book  site and it just keeps getting better.   It has many  free e-books (some even have  repeated story lines), Many, Many additional books for purchase at reasonable prices. Works on ALL technology platforms (web, iPad, iPhone, iTouch, android, google tv) and has Read -Along Technology (word highlighted while read) Bookshelf updates automatically and across platforms Has special accounts for schools and libraries- with access to over 70 free books. Has sharing options, you can use the ‘Like it’  to share with friends about books (great communication activity) —                                                                                             ... [Read More...]

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