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Random Apps of Kindness- Act Quickly

March 25, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

Random Apps of Kindness

This is a great time to check out MeeGenius. They are celebrating Springtime by offering a FREE book. All you have to do is them on Facebook for a free coupon code.  We spoke about how great Meegenius was awhile back and have been using it frequently since then.  We read e-books from MeeGenius  in small groups on our iPad as well as have the children read MeeGenius e-books during individual structured reading time on the computer or with a mobile device.  We loved that Free Technology for Teachers mentioned Meegenius this Saturday March 24th.    One of the reasons we love MeeGenius is because of the automatic highlighting technology  that goes with the book narration.   So if you haven’t done it yet, download MeeGenius and  the classic The Three Billy Goats Gruff and start reading.  

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