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4+ AAC Tips for Talking About Past Events- July 4th

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4 AAC Tips for Talking about July 4th After the Festivities

Make a Plan – Schedule a time to ‘talk about the past event (July 4th). The plan can include a ‘talk time’ or a time to collect remnants, photos, or related items from the event.  Use a calendar or schedule to plan AAC style. Put Together A ‘Talking’ Photo Album– Gather all the photos from the activity and put together a talking photo album. You can use any talking photo album where you record a voice or use a story creation app that has recorded (digitized) or computer generated speech (synthesized). The process of making the photo album can be the ‘past event’ conversation and/or a review/reading can be the ‘conversation’. For some learners, turning the pages is the beginning of talking about past events while for other learners the pictures will be the opportunity for the conversation.  It is helpful to use  text and speech as you create the... [Read More...]

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4 Free July 4th Apps to SPARK Commenting

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4 Free Apps to Spark Commenting

Check out these 4 free apps that can help SPARK commenting. They are great fun that will inspire commenting but can also help with core (and fringe) vocabulary as well as with being familiar with July 4th festivities.  By engaging with these apps in an interactive manner, there is not the noise and confusion of the day. The apps become a good tool for familiarizing and preparing the learner for July 4th. Celebrate 4th of July, Independence Day of the United States , with sparkling fireworks (by Auryn Apps) Free – Just shake or touch the iPad and beautiful fireworks get triggered.  The are really beautiful which are opportunities to comment again and again (“wow”, “beautiful”, “so cool”, “look colors”, etc.).  Each firework reveals images that relate to Independence Day. This app is a gift from Auryn Apps which is a generous and dedicated developer for July 4th and throughout the year.... [Read More...]

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Free Apps: Happy July 4th!

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Free Apps- Happy July 4th, 2012

  Check out these App sales to celebrate and talk about July 4th! Begin the conversation today and summarize the experience tomorrow with pictures, conversation, writing, and reading.  Tech in Special Education– lots of All types of apps on free or discounted.    Get these now for conversation and social planning about Independence Day!     Visual Work Fireworks 123      I-see- quence fireworks    Real Fireworks ArtWork

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