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PrAACtical Guessing: 5 Apps for Interactive Inferencing

March 1, 2013 by - Leave your thoughts

PrAACtical Guessing- 5 Apps for INteractive INferencing

We have been writing and talking about AAC & language  strategies that go beyond requesting. And although we start a new month (today) and a new strategy on Saturday, we wanted to close this last day of the work week  with a fun way of focusing on a complex but important language skill for ALL learners.  If we presume competence, teach, model, and provide activities that are fun and have a variety of response options then everyone can learn to make ‘educated’ guesses and be able to ‘explain’ their choices. There is a difference in making the correct choice and explaining how you made the choice. This skill of guessing is called inferencing.  Inferencing is the process by which a conclusion is inferred from an observation or multiple observations.  The conclusion may be correct or incorrect, but conclusions are based on information we have at the time. As a language... [Read More...]

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