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Saying "I Love You" On Mother's Day!

May 13, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

Saying "I Love You" on Mother's Day

Saying “I Love You” is very important to most moms (and dads), especially on Mother’s Day (& Father’s Day).  I never need to receive a mother’s day present from my son….. he is my present….. he was born on Mother’s Day (18 years ago).  I feel like he is my never-ending perfect gift.  He says “I love you” often, even at 18.  So mixing this sentiment with my work, it saddens me to hear people say, my daughter does not “talk”, I only wish she could say “I love You“.   I have learned  that with AAC strategies, ALL children can  say “I love you”.  Here are some ways to help children (adults)  ‘say’ it more often, in a conventional way, and so everyone can hear it. Record “I Love You” on a one hit message device/card/picture (Record with #1- your child’s voice, #2 same aged matched peer, or #3... [Read More...]

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