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ISAAC 2012, Day 5

August 2, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

ISAAC 2012, Day 5

Are you on ISAAC overload yet? Sorry that the post for Day 5 is late and a bit brief. There has been too much going on to keep up with. However, I did want to share one highlight. – Gregg Vanderheiden, Director of the Trace Center, was an invited speaker who presented on the paradigm shift AAC and AT is now experiencing. Among other things, he gave an update on the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure, a massive project to build auto-personalized access to information and communication technology. – Need the screen to be enlarged so you can see the ATM machine? It’ll do that automatically when you go to log in at any kiosk. Use an onscreen keyboard to input information? It’ll be available when you sit down to any public computer. Want a simpler interface to email for someone who has cognitive challenges? It’ll be there on demand, and,... [Read More...]

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