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PrAACtice Fire Safety

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PrAACtice Fire Safety

“Making mistakes simply means you are learning faster”.  ~Weston H. Agor I made a mistake about the dates of Fire Prevention Week. I was positive that I saw that Fire Prevention Week was 6/17- 6/23 2012.   But I was wrong… again.   I can not find where I got these dates and now I see ALL the Fire Prevention weeks are in October.  Fire Prevention Week 2012 is October 7th -15th. Sometimes though in making mistakes you learn (A Lot) and this is what happened to me (and then I shared with Carole). In researching fire prevention and fire safety, we learned that the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has incredible safety information for EVERYONE.  In looking around the NFPA’s website, we saw the dedication in protecting ALL children and adults from the many dangers of fire.  The Safety Signals Project is another great fire prevention resource funded by... [Read More...]

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