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LiveBinders: 5 Online Notebooks on AAC Implementation

August 22, 2016 by - 1 Comment

LiveBinders: 5 Online Notebooks on AAC Implementation

At the ISAAC 2016 conference in Toronto, I had the opportunity to talk about using technology to share information with families, colleagues, and pre-professionals. LiveBinders, is one of the tools that were discussed both in the pre-conference session with Chris Bugaj and in my seminar on pre-service AAC education. LiveBinders are digital notebooks that make it easy to collect, curate, and share information. We’ve been writing about this tool for the past four years, but there is new material being created all the time. Here are some AAC-related LiveBinders that I’ve been exploring. AAC by Jill Beall/Region 7  ABCs of AAC (Preschool AAC) by D. McLauchlin  Literacy and AAC/Balanced Literacy by Deanna Wagner  TAAT 2015 by Janice Reese  Visuals for ASD by Penelope Arp  For more information on LiveBinders and features that you may not know about, check out their tutorials and blog. Do you make or use LiveBinders? We’d... [Read More...]

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