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How Can We Make Clients ‘Like’ Using Their AAC? 5 Things to Consider

October 14, 2013 by - Leave your thoughts

That’s a question we hear from time to time, and it often stops us in our tracks. The good thing about this question is that is signals that the clinician recognizes a stumbling block and is searching for a way around it. Like many things in our lives as SLPs, it’s all about problem-solving. So, how DO you make learners like their AAC? Well, for starters, we don’t like ‘making’ people do anything. Offer, entice, tempt? Yes, frequently. ‘Make’? Not our first, second, or third choice. If we have a really strong rationale and we’ve run out of other options, we may go there. When it comes to helping our clients learn to like their AAC systems, here are some things we think about. 1. We like what we’re good at: Until someone is proficient at aspects of their AAC system, it will feel like work. Why? Because it is... [Read More...]

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