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Role Models-Look No Further than the Paralympics 2012

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Role Models Look No Further Than The Paralympics 2012

Have you met Mandeville and Wenlock?   Think Paralympics and Olympics.  These mascots were created by Grant Hunter in collaboration with children.  They were made with children in mind to help encourage participation in Paralympic and Olympic sports.  We love that Mandeville and Wenlock are encouraging ALL children to aspire to be  world-class athletes. Not only are the Olympics a big deal (See our Olympic PrAACtical AAC perspective), but the Paralympics are also a big deal.  Paralympic Althletes  impress most everyone and provide an opportunity for children with disabilities  ALL over the world, to have role models who might look or sound like them.  We love it when everyone can be inspired together. The Summer Paralympics will take place in London, England, in 2012, from August 29 through September 9. They will be the biggest Paralympic Games ever featuring 4,200 athletes from 160 countries who will compete in 20 sports.  These... [Read More...]

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