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It’s PrAActically Chanukkah!

November 29, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

It's PrAACtically Chanukkah! Resources to Get Ready for the Holidays

Chanukkah is prAACtically here, even though it seems very early.  Chanukkah starts at sundown on December 8th and ends at sundown on December 18th.   Holidays are usually fun and busy.  With all the fun comes changes in routines, less sleep, more stress, more excitement, more people, more compromise, and overall different expectations.  This is a time to plan in advance the visual supports, visual systems, and AAC displays that will help everyone understand, organize, and communicate most optimally. Check out these great resources to help with the planning: Friendship Circle Blog- Preparing for Hanukkah,  15 Tips to Make Sure Your Child is Ready for The Holidays, & More Gateways Program Resources- There are  visual supports for the  Chanukkah Blessings. There are social story books that help with understanding that birthday candles and Chanukkah candles are different, that Chanukkah candles go out by themselves, and about Chanukkah candles and fire safety.... [Read More...]

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