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5 Reasons We Don’t Usually Use ‘Speech Rules’

September 23, 2013 by - 7 Comments

5 Reasons we don't typically use speech rules

We love organized productive speech therapy sessions. But, we don’t typically use speech rules in our sessions. It’s not that we are inherently against ‘behavior speech rules’ but overall, we don’t use them.  Here are some of the  reasons why: We use meaningful language activities.  We try to use meaningful, fun, and engaging activities so learners want to participate. Even when we think an activity is enjoyable and it is not, it becomes enjoyable and meaningful to “stop” the activity.  It is helpful to think about meaningful and fun from the learner’s perspective and not just ours. For example, having a pleasant conversation about awesome pretty pictures would be enjoyable for  many students. However, if conversation is difficult, maybe not so much.  It’s not that we would not work on conversation, but the activity structure may involve clear beginnings and endings to the conversation, a  ‘take home poster’, and/or a... [Read More...]

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