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Be Chatty: 5 Tips For Supported Conversations

June 3, 2013 by - Leave your thoughts

Be Chatty: Supported Conversations

There are many strategies to support communication and conversation for individuals with significant aphasia. Conversation is about connecting with people. We  engage in conversation about interesting and relevant experiences to help  with connecting.  To best connect and be part of conversation, there needs to be comprehension and expression from each communication partner.  With aphasia, there is difficulty in these language areas, but it is not that language is lost, it is that it needs to be accessed differently.   These quick start tips will support accessing conversation and connections. Write or Draw Key Words– When you are talking, write key words to support your spoken language.  Gesture Key Words– When you are talking, supplement spoken language with gestures to illustrate a main point Show Related Photographs or Remnants– While you are talking, use photographs or some remnant of the an experience or event you are talking about. Written Choices to... [Read More...]

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