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A PrAACtical Tool for Emergencies and Accidents

August 8, 2014 by - Leave your thoughts

A PrAACtical Tool for Emergencies and Accidents

Jonah fell off the monkey bars in his after school program and broke his wrist. Just another childhood experience unless you are nonverbal. Melinda had a significant seizure on a public bus. It’s great that she is independent, but what happens when no one who knows her can communicate with the ambulance staff? Accidents, injuries, and emergencies are part of everyday life. We don’t plan on them. We think they will never happen. Or, we don’t think about them at all. We’re just too busy. Until today. Let’s make this the day that we sit down and take the time to provide a safeguard for our clients. Widget Health’s Accident and Emergency Passport will help others know how to assist people with communication difficulties.    

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