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Visualize 9 Nice Things To Say to Students Who Use AAC

July 29, 2012 by - 1 Comment

Visualize 9 Nice Things to Say to Students Who Use AAC

When we first started PrAACtical AAC,  Carole wrote a post titled “5 Nice Things To Say To A Student Who Uses AAC”.  We thought it was time to update these by adding visual support (and a few extra nice things to say). Why did we want to add visual support?  Because then we are able to  implement a favorite language facilitation strategy— Aided Language Input (ALI).  We try  to implement aided language input (ALI) when providing positive specific feedback so the message can be ‘seen and heard’.  We can definitely say nice things without visual support (and we do), but when we can, we do.  Everyone needs to hear nice things, A LOT.  Just ask yourself, do you get all the positive feedback you want?    Visualize- 9 Nice Things To Say To  A Student Who Use AAC *All images created from Open Clipart Library which is the library for high-quality free clipart and ImageBot. A PDF... [Read More...]

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