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AACtual Therapy: Using Talking Mats to Support People with Complex Communication Needs

January 11, 2021 by - Leave your thoughts

AACtual Therapy: Talking Mats

Talking Mats, a powerful tool for helping people with complex needs share their thoughts and advocate for themselves, is a topic we’ve posted about before. Today, we expand that discussion and learn from SLT Katherine Small, an AAC Consultant at the Ace Centre. In the first of a 2-part series, Katherine shares her experience in implementing Talking Mats with her clients. Enjoy!   My Experience as a Practitioner who Uses Talking Mats Before training as an SLT, I had a variety of jobs where supporting people to share their views was key.  One of the tools I used was ‘In My Shoes’ and I knew how helpful such tools were when I was trying to make sure I gave clients space to think and a means of expression during important conversations. So when I heard about Talking Mats I knew straight away that it would suit my style of working &... [Read More...]

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