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Welcome to the PrAACtical AAC Strategy Series! Each month we hope to focus on a new topic related to AAC intervention. Over time, we plan to cover the things that we’ve found to be important in our work with scores of graduate student SLPs and families.

We’ll try to do a post each Saturday with information on that AAC topic.  Early on, we’ll focus on some of the AAC basics and then progress into more strategies. Throughout the week, we’ll try to tie in some of our other posts to the monthly strategy when that seems  to make sense. Look for info, anecdotes and links designed to flesh things out and extend the conversation a bit.
Speaking of intervention, here’s something we’ve noticed: Information about communication strategies is sometimes written for a narrow audience, but has broader applicability. Try to keep an open mind and check out the links to sites, articles, and handouts even if they are intended for a different disability than your primary area of interest. Something may be written for teens with multiple disabilities, but have some application to young children with ASD. Think for yourself and look beyond a disability label. Don’t assume that it won’t work for ‘your’ person of interest. As Alan Alda (American actor/director) once said, “Assumptions are your windows on the world.  Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”

This month we’ll be talking about the role that multimodal communication plays in AAC systems. Check back with us on Saturday if that is a topic of interest to you or your AAC families.
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