Working with Worksheets

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Working with Worksheets
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We’re not big fans of worksheets. In fact (true confession!), many years ago we actually hid a notebook full of them from a colleague who seemed to think they should play a prominent role in aphasia therapy. However, we concede that they are sometimes useful in limited quantities (‘sometimes’ being the operative word).Working with Worksheets

More importantly, if teachers use them, we want our kids to be able to participate. Those who have difficulty with fine motor skills need alternate ways to manage worksheets so that  they can be as independent as possible.

Summer seems like a good time to learn a few new things that will come in handy once school resumes. If you’re looking for ways to make worksheets accessible on a shoestring, check out these resources.

  1. This presentation from Lynda Hartmann  gives a good overview of accessible worksheets and provides information on a number of tools that you can use.

  2. In this post from one of our favorite SLP bloggers, Ruth Morgan of Chapel Hill Snippets, you can take a look at neu.Annotate.

Do you have a favorite tip for making worksheets accessible to people who use AAC? We’d love to hear about it.

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