Virtual AAC Training: Teletherapy & Distance Learning Edition

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Virtual AAC Training: Teletherapy & Distance Learning Edition
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Virtual AAC Training: Teletherapy & Distance Learning EditionWe continue to get requests for content that can help AAC practitioners deliver remote support and are happy to oblige. In today’s post, SLP Emily Diaz shares some videos she created on this topic. Emily is a school-based SLP specializing in AAC. She provides virtual training on the topic of AAC implementation both in the classroom and for teletherapy.

In this guest post, Emily shares some of her favorite videos.


Virtual AAC Training: Teletherapy & Distance Learning Edition

Whether you are providing synchronous or asynchronous services these virtual AAC training videos are a must have in your distance learning toolbox. Emily Diaz of creates virtual training videos to support SLPs, teachers, and families with AAC implementation. Recently these videos have been focused on teletherapy and distance learning as we all try to restructure services during COVID-19 school closures. Check these out!

AAC at Home

Your child’s SLP sent home their device for the very first time and you don’t know where to start. You don’t want their AAC progress to stop and neither do I! In this AAC Training video, I’ll give you six zones/activities where YOU can model words and phrases DAILY on your student’s device.Emily Diaz

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AAC Teletherapy

If you’re here to learn more about AAC therapy, specifically teletherapy, then you’re in the right place. Watch this video to learn what to expect before your first (or next) AAC teletherapy session. I’ve been working with kids and young adults who use AAC for 5 years at this point and have a ton of tips to share! But today, I wanted to bring you along my journey as I navigate the new world of teletherapy. I’ve teamed up with Venita Litvack of the popular speech therapy podcast Speechie Side Up to share what an AAC teletherapy session looks like at home. 

Emily Diaz

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Google Classroom for AAC 

Today I want to share about how I have Google Classroom structured for my AAC users and complex communicators. I’m talking about parent trainings, helpful resources, and activities to guide you through distance learning and teletherapy… and beyond! If there’s one positive to this unprecedented situation it’s that parent training and home carry-over have been prioritized more than ever before. If the research has told us anything, it’s that parent and child interactions are powerful & progress is more likely in a familiar environment with familiar people. 

Emily Diaz

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AAC Bitmoji Classrooms

Just before my school year ended I started seeing these elaborate “Bitmoji Classrooms” popping up all over Facebook groups. There were a couple AAC SLP ones that caught my eye & I wanted to know more about how they functioned for distance learning and teletherapy. So here we are! Amy Tirado & Lilly Espino Monreal gave me permission to show off their AMAZING classrooms so you can see if this is something you might want to set up for your caseload in the Fall.  Emily Diaz

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AAC in the Cloud Free Webinar

Communication doesn’t just happen during speech therapy! This presentation will help you consider how to train & support classroom professionals so they actually enjoy implementing AAC when you’re not there. In this 45-minute recorded webinar you will:

  1. Understand the concept of habits and it’s importance in training classroom staff
  2. Become able to apply various methods to measure staff buy-in 
  3. Identify 4 key coaching models for dynamic training
Emily DiazDirect Link to Video:

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  • Disclosures: Emily is an ASHA member and member of SIG 12. She is the owner of Emily Diaz SLP and receives financial compensation for orders placed through her Etsy shop. 


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