Throwback Thursday: 5 AAC Teaching Blog Posts We Love!

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Throwback Thursday: 5 AAC Teaching Blog Posts We Love
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We love so many blogs, websites, and videos.  Parents and professionals take their own time and effort (and often money) to share AAC strategies that have worked for them and their children and students.  Here are just a few great ones that we use often when working with graduate students and other professionals to help demonstrate a variety of ways AAC strategies make a difference. Enjoy!

Beach Trip (and on the Road)     by Dana Nieder at   Uncommon Sense

Helping an AAC User Learn New Vocabulary    by   Deanne Shoyer  at   Small but Kinda Mighty

AAC Tips    at     Kreeds World

Complex Needs and Switches: It Could Be You!    by Ian Bean at     SENICT- Special Education Needs ICS

How AAC and Assistive Tech Make Classrooms Better for All   by Paula Kluth    at   Paula Kluth Toward Inclusive Classrooms and Communities

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