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This website has been a product of passion, energy, and more than a lot of years of philosophy.  Carole and I work with different clinical populations a lot of the time however, our strategies and philosophies have always seemed to be very similar from the day we met when Carole worked with a young boy named Robert.  Carole single handedly showed me the power of AAC for pediatric clinical popultations.   It has been a journey, I hope of learning together and one that has made most days at the office exciting and productive. We have impacted many graduate student clinicians and families but still feel so many individuals with communication challenges are not given a fair chance at equal participation at school or in the community.  We have the AAC philosophy and continue to learn more with each person we meet.  But this project of getting the word out to more people could not have happened without a new friend that we met on-line.  I did not think there was such a thing as meeting a ‘friend’ on-line except for in the movies.  However, we met Elgar who very graciously took us under his wing and made this project something we could be proud of .  We live almost a world apart but have united in this project and now I am writing a post on the platform he set up for us.  So from the botton of our heart Elgar, We thank you for helping us make our dream a reality.

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