Speak to Me With Your Eyes, My Love

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Speak to Me With Your Eyes My Love
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calm mountain and water sceneIn honor of National Poetry Writing Month, we bring you a special poem.  We have known the author, White Flower for many years. She is a 62-year-old woman with cerebral palsy who uses AAC to communicate.  She continually inspires others through her art. She uses assistive technology to paint, write, and engage in her newest art form, photography.   She has worked and lived independently for the past 11 years.  She has graciously given us permission to reprint this amazingly beautiful poem from her book, Forever My Love, A Book of Poetry.  Her words paint an exquisite picture….. 

Speak to Me With Your Eyes, My Love

Speak to me with your eyes.

Speak to me with your eyes, my friend.

Let your eyes get into my soul.

Then we can both go to a land that’s free,

And we move as the wings of a butterfly.

With the clouds as our companions,

We’ll see golden meadows below.

Nearby, there’s a graceful waterfall and

As we delicately descend, it kisses us

With a cleansing kindness,

As the day turns into darkness

Your eyes blanket me with warmth,

That soothes and rocks my soul to sleep.

For more information on Forever My Love, A Book of Poetry by White Flower, please email whiteflowerpoet@gmail.com

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