“Speak To Me In My New Language”

December 8, 2014 by - 1 Comment

"Speak To Me In My New Language"
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"Speak To Me In My New Language"

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This post was written by Carole Zangari

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  • Amy Thomsen says:

    I love your blog posts and read and use the information (nearly) daily. Thank you so much for what you do here! I am an AAC SLP for a school district and frequently forward posts to the school therapists I work with.
    I wanted to print out this “poster” as well as some similiar ones you have created, however the files are very small (67.9KB). If you would prefer people not print them, I respect that. If you don’t mind they be printed with credit to PrAACtical AAC, is there a way to make the file larger for better clarity?
    Thank you again, Amy

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