Site of the Month: AAC Funding Help

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Site of the Month: AAC Funding Help
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Here in the US, there are many paths to getting access to AAC devices and services. Depending on the age of the communicator and other factors, we may pursue AAC funding the through the schools, public or private insurance, government programs for veterans and people with disabilities, and other sources. It is a complex task that requires specialized knowledge and some fortitude.

June’s Site of the Month, AAC Funding Help, has been a resource to professionals and families for over a decade. Established by Lew Golinker at the Assistive Technology Law Center, the site has a wealth of resources to explore.

Here are some highlights from that site.

  1. Overview of US funding options for AAC 
  2. Specific details about the requirements and procedures for major avenues to AAC funding 
  3. Sample letters of medical necessity and information on coding AAC devices and services for reimbursement purposes 
  4. AAC Report Writing Coach 
  5. Database of insurance companies and healthcare plans who have previously funded AAC and instructions on how to use it effectively 
  6. Printable table of SGD codes 

We are indebted to Lew and his team for maintaining this site and encourage you to visit it whenever you need information about this important area.

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