PrAACtically Ready to Read

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PrAActically Ready to Read
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PrAACtically Ready to ReadIt’s summer and hot where we live (really hot!), humid (really humid)!. This weather makes it a good time for quiet, peaceful activities. Reading is high on our list. No pressure, enjoyable reading. We want ALL learners to enjoy reading.

From simple single message voice output devices/apps to high-tech core language based SGDs and everywhere in between, there are lots of prAACtical opportunities for communication building, literacy learning, and just plain fun through reading. Interactive reading, reading aloud to someone, or reading to yourself can all be done in air-conditioned homes or libraries or by the pool or beach where you can cool down with a quick swim.

Here are some great resources for adapted books, communication boards to go with books, and visual supports to help with reading.  Find a good book, stay cool, and enjoy:

New York City Department of Education: Adapted Books 

Baltimore City Schools- Book Specific Communication Boards

Dade County Public Schools ESE- Interactive Storybooks

Tar Heel Reader

SETT BC- Accessible Books




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