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Whether you are working with a traditional SGD or an AAC app, chances are, you want to print a ‘no tech’ version for modeling and/or as a backup communication aid.  We’ve shared printable communication boards and books on many previous occasions but here are links to some of the ones that are requested most frequently.

  1. Proloquo2Go Crescendo (English, Spanish, French, & Dutch)PrAACtically Printing: AAC Apps & SGDs
  2. Snap + Core First (multiple sizes/layouts) and editable copies via Boardmaker OnlinePrAACtically Printing: AAC Apps & SGDs
  3. LAMP Words for Life PrAACtically Printing: AAC Apps & SGDs
  4. WordPower (many versions: regular and poster; some Spanish)PrAACtically Printing: AAC Apps & SGDs
  5. Unity (with free PASS software)PrAACtically Printing: AAC Apps & SGDs
  6. Speak for YourselfPrAACtically Printing: AAC Apps & SGDs
  7. Core Samples

Do you print and use other manual communication boards or posters? We’d love to hear about that.

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This post was written by Carole Zangari


  • Caragh McAndrew says:

    For some of our AAC users we could not find a core board to download so we take screen shots and print straight from the iPad. We also do this with users who have modified home pages, such as our LAMP users and ones who use alternative access method. I know that for some devices/pagesets this won’t always be possible, but we’ve not come across one yet and it’s been really helpful for all staff to be able to model in this way.

  • sikiti says:

    very helpful for the new learner and .i have a question .the core words in the communication board is known as sight words too?

    • Avatar photo Carole Zangari says:

      Actually, these are different things, Sikiti. Core words refer to high-frequency vocabulary words (words that we use most often). Sight words is used for reading, and refers to words that students learn to memorize on sight (rather than decoding them). Hope that helps.

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