PrAACtically Earth Day: Celebrating the Planet with AAC

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PrAACtically Earth Day: Celebrating the Planet with AAC
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It’s almost Earth Day, and whether you are sheltering in place or still able to be out in the community, there are ways we can all celebrate Earth Day.  Here are some suggestions for incorporating AAC as you do.

  1. Getting to the Core of Earth Day
  2. Let’s Go Outside!
  3. Create a language experience survey. Here are some possible questions for your survey
    • What are your favorite outdoor activities?
    • Tell me about a time when you had an outdoor adventure.
    • What are some ways that you reuse and recycle?
  4. Tour the Grand Canyon with Elmo & friends.
  5. Pay a virtual visit to a national park.
  6. Explore some of the Junior Ranger virtual activities.
  7. Plan to take some mindfulness moments with trees as suggested by the Heritage Conservancy
  8. Build a backyard fairy house.
  9. Play backyard conservation Bingo.
  10. Go on a nature scavenger hunt using this form from the Delaware Nature Conservancy.PrAACtically Earth Day: Celebrating the Planet with AAC
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