PrAACtical Tip: Tracking Apps We Use in Therapy

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PrAACtical Tip: Tracking Apps We Use in Therapy
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There are so many great apps to use for building communication and literacy skills: games, utilities, e-books, photos, storytelling, etc. There are too many gems to list!PrAACtical Tip: Tracking Apps We Use in Therapy

Did you ever start to plan a therapy session or some home practice activities using specific apps, only to realize that you don’t know if that client’s mobile device actually HAS the app you plan to use? As you can guess, this has happened to us a time or two. If you are using your own device, this isn’t problematic but often we are trying to build skills with an app that we want to client to use outside of the therapy session.

Here’s a quick tip for avoiding that scenario: Take a photo showing the apps the client has on their device and send it to yourself or upload to a cloud (taking care to follow privacy policies if you do the latter). In this image, I put all the apps we use in therapy in one folder on the client’s device (with her permission, of course). If that doesn’t make sense for your particular client on a permanent basis, you can do it just for the photo. It only takes a minute or two to move the apps around.

PrAACtical Tip: Tracking Apps We Use in Therapy

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