PrAACtical Resources: Blogs We Love

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PrAACtical Resources: Blogs We Love
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Our BHSM Strategy of the Month has focused on developing our Professional Learning Network, and in this past week we’ve shared some of our favorite internet sites. We can’t finish out the topic, though, without mentioning some of places where we spend time each week.

PrAACtical Blogs We Love

When I first started following blogs by other SLPs, K-12 educators, and professors, I had no idea how much content was out there. Over the years, I’ve become more and more thankful for the wealth of information these bloggers

 so generously provide. Like anything else, blogs are a varied lot – some good, some not so good, and a few seriously excellent ones.

Here is ASHA’s 2012 list of the best blogs in SLP and some of our favorite blogs for AAC, AT, and tech-related content:

  1. Jane Farrall (
  2. Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs (
  3. Speech Techie (
  4. The Speech Dudes (
  5. Spectronics (
  6. AAC Girls (
  7. Sneak Outside the Box (

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