PrAACtical Families: 5 Grants That Support AAC

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PrAACtical Families: 5 Grants That Support AAC
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Unless you have a family member with a disability, it’s hard to really understand the toll that specialized services and equipment take on their financial well-being. We’re always on the look-out for sources of support that can help these families. This is the first in a periodic series of posts that list some of the AAC-friendly grant resources open to individual families and clients.

The plan is to grow this list and update it with new information, so please comment or email me through the blog if you know of other opportunities. Help is particularly needed for those outside the US.

Here are a handful of grants that are AAC-friendly to get us started.

  1. CASANA: The iPads for Apraxia program funds iPads for children with apraxia in the US and Canada
  2. Small Steps in Speech: Funds supplemental therapies and provides some support to nonprofit organizations who serve very young kids with communication difficulties
  3. First Hand Foundation: Supports funding for AAC, AT, and related services globally
  4. Danny’s Wish: This family-run charity primarily supports funding for iPads for children and youth with autism in the US.
  5. United Healthcare Children’s Foundation: Will not cover electronic devices, but other forms of AT and services not covered by insurance are considered

Also, while not a grant, don’t forget that Apple has a trade-up program for those who want to turn in their old technology. 

Do you know of other grants that families of people with AAC needs can apply for? Reach out to us and we will add to this list.

PrAACtical Families: 5 Grants That Support AAC

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