Let’s Read! Online Books for the Holiday Season

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Let’s Read! Online Books for the Holiday Season
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Want to give a long-lasting gift to the colleagues and families with whom you work? Here’s one prAACtical idea: Connect them with free resources that they can easily access and use.

Our top pick for the holiday season is Tar Heel Reader. Here are some books that you can use in your AAC instruction then share with families so that they can enjoy them at home.

  1. The Snowman Cookie
  2. How to Make Potato Latkes
  3. How to Catch a Polar Bear (Fun but not suitable for all readers)
  4. I Love Christmas
  5. Holidays Throughout the Year
  6. The Gift of the Magi
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This post was written by Carole Zangari

1 Comment

  • Tracy Ann Therese says:

    Regarding a book recommended on this post. Not suitable for all readers does not negate the inappropriate for educational purposes of the one book on “Let’s read online books” by Carole Zangari (I wrote her directly, she may not know). How to catch a polar bear states “when he stops to take a pea, kick him in the ice hole” I think you need to remove this asap as a recommended resource if you did not get to these last pages.

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