It’s PrAACtically Better Hearing and Speech Month

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It's PrAACtically Better Hearing & Speech Month!
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We’re celebrating ASHA’s Better Speech and Hearing Month with a series of posts for SLPs who are working with people who have significant communication difficulties and aren’t currently using AAC strategies. In these posts, we hope to give clinicians a fresh look and some prAACtical ideas about using AAC with a variety of clinical populations. We’ve invited well-respected authors, researchers, and clinicians to contribute to this series.

We’re proud to kick-off a new series called Fresh Look with posts on using AAC with children and adults. Watch for posts on on a variety of topics, including:

  • Using AAC to support people with dementia by Dr. Melanie Fried-OkenIt's PrAACtically Better Hearing & Speech Month!
  • AAC in General Education with Dr. Joan Bruno
  • Supporting the friendships of children with ASD by Dr. Erinn Fincke
  • Providing initial AAC supports to people with ALS by Lisa Bardach
  • Language therapy with children who use AAC by Drs. Cathy Binger and Jennifer Kent-Walsh
  • Top picks for switch options for people with ALS by Amy Roman
  • Getting started in AAC supports for kids with Rett Syndrome by Dr. Theresa Bartalotta
  • Using AAC with children who have apraxia of speech by Dr. Gary Cumley
  • And more.

We’ll also continue some of our regular posts with resources and information. Our Strategy of the Month series, which is posted each Saturday, focuses on developing communication boards that really work and tips for teaching your AAC clients to use them effectively. We’ll also continue with our Video of the Week each Sunday.

You can follow along here or check in with us at the following social media sites:

We’re looking forward to joining ASHA members around the country in celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month 2013. You can download the ASHA BSHM poster here. Hope to connect with some of you along the way.

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