It’s PrAACtically A New Year!

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It PrAACtically A New Year
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It is just about 2014. Hard to believe another year is finished and we are moving on once again.

Our wishes for 2014 are for ALL Learners to have access to:

  1.  Aided Language InputAACtual Therapy: Harlem Shake, AAC Style with Shareka Bentham
  2. Communication Displays that meet their needs
  3. Role Models
  4. Presumed Competence
  5. Core Word Instruction
  6. Fringe Word Instruction
  7. Friends
  8. Many Meaningful Language Experiences
  9. Frequent Communication Opportunities
  10. Fun Learning 

 Our Wishes for ALL SLP’s and Educators to have access to:

  1. An Exciting and Stimulating Personal Learning Network (PLN)
  2. Appropriate Goals and Strategies
  3. Meaningful Language Experiences
  4. Role Models
  5. Laminator and Laminator Materials
  6. Literacy Materials
  7. Core Word Highlighter Tools, Page Fluffers & Spacers
  8. Apps for Learning Language
  9. An AAC Philosophy
  10. Fun Teaching

PrAACtical Partnerships: AAC and Academics


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