Getting to ‘Yes’

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Getting to 'Yes'
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We wanted to be sure that none of our prAACtical friends missed this series of great posts by Kate Ahern of Ahern TEC (Technology, Education, and Consulting). Kate’s content is informed by her direct instruction with students, but also by her experience in  consulting with families and educational teams, teaching workshops, and presenting at conferences. Her popular blog, Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs, is one of our ‘Go – To’ sites for solid content about technology, instruction, and communication for people with significant special needs.

We loved the series that Kate did on the concept of teaching yes/no. It explores the complexity of yes/no and provides information on the various communicative functions that are served.

The Yes/No Series

Hope you take a few minutes to explore these posts. There is great information for AAC newbies and seasoned clinicians alike.

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