Funny Bones: Jokes for Sequential Message Devices/Apps

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Jokes for Sequential Message AAC Devices/Apps
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Between the craziness of the election, the stress of Superstorm Sandy, some frustration over some blog issues, and the pace of getting ready for the ASHA convention, we were ready for a little levity. It seemed like just the time to rustle up some jokes that could be programmed on an SGD, an AAC app, or a sequential message device. If you need a laugh, too, here’s a list of places to check out for some jokes that may work for the AAC learners you know.

Jokes for Sequential Message AAC Devices/Apps

  1. Jokes for Every Season – From Ducksters
  2. Knock Knock Jokes – From Funology
  3. More Knock Knock Jokes – A whole website full of them
  4. Jokes by Category – From Activity Village
  5. Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
  6. Jingle Jokes from Kelly Martin
  7. Christmas Jokes from the Nurture Store


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