Fun Theory… Communication and Behavior

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Fun Theory..Communication and Behavior
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Please excuse this somewhat tangential post because it really relates to communication and language learning…..

Fun Happy

Fun and communication go together. Meaningful (and fun) communication and language activities can often make the difference between a disengaged passive learner and a participatory, engaged, and excited learner.  We have talked about many picture symbol communication boards, but there are also tangible and tactile communication boards that have been essential for learners that have vision impairments as well as those who have difficulty discriminating between picture symbols. While exploring a variety of communication boards, we came across Adaptive Design Association Inc. Adaptive Design Association Inc. reminds and teaches us about the role of appropriate customized  adaptions to allow for authentic communication, developmental, social, and academic learning (who knew what you could do with cardboard?).  Within our search through adaptive design, there was a link or connection to the fun theory.  Fun can change behavior for EVERYONE and the fun theory demonstrated this.  After exploring the fun theory website, we will be thinking a lot more about adding more fun to classrooms, schools, and even our clinic with the fun theory principles applied to communication opportunities. Got fun ideas? Please share.

Fun Theory...  Communication and Behavior

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