Five Questions That AAC Practitioners Ask Themselves

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Five Questions That AAC Practitioners Ask Themselves
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We had a lot of fun with the post “You Might Be an AAC Therapist If,” especially in reading all the contributions from our prAACtical friends. Along those same lines, here are some questions that we’ve asked ourselves a few (dozen) times.

  1. Are these AAC devices/apps EVER going to be able to use context to know the tense and pronounce the word ‘read’ correctly? (Followed by an exasperated gesture)
  2. How is it that the student with disabilities can remember passwords that the nondisabled adults cannot? (Followed by a glance toward our ‘Presume Competence’ poster)
  3. Did he/she really just spell that out instead of using core words? (Followed by a low growl)
  4. Why is that device coming home from school fully charged? (Followed by a rise in blood pressure)
  5. Did I remember to turn off the laminator? (Followed by a face palm)

How about you? What AAC-related questions do you ask yourself?

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This post was written by Carole Zangari


  • Jane Farrall says:

    I love these – and have done most of them.

    My question is “Is it rude to ask dinner guests to stay after dinner and help me cut up a PODD?”

  • Mary- Louise says:

    Ha, Jane! Mine is more like “Is it rude to ask people over for dinner so they can cut PODD books? If so, do I really have to feed them since they’ll have to put down the paper and scissors to eat?”
    My other main question is “How many times do I have to ask people not to use The Good Scissors to cut Velcro????”

    • Jane Farrall says:

      Oh – Mary Louise! That’s brilliant. Of course I don’t have to feed them – what was I thinking!

  • Beth Waite says:

    Is it ok to velcro shut a teacher’s mouth after they tell you they had to take the student’s SGD away because “he was talking too much”!?!?

  • Glenna Greenwald says:

    Not a question but more of a restatement: So what I hear you saying is that you would like ME to do all the programming… by tomorrow!

  • Great post Carole! Thanks for sharing.

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