Five AAC and Related Resources to Explore

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Five AAC and Related Resources to Explore
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From time to time, we get questions about resources for different aspects of AAC. Here are a few eclectic documents, presentations, and web logs that we’ve shared recently that might also be of interest to some of you. Happy exploring!

  1. AAC Basics and Implementation: How to Teach Students who “Talk with Technology” by Paul Visvader of the Boulder Valley School District AT Team 
  2. Using Visual Supports to Enhance Participation and Decrease Challenging Behavior in Individuals with Autism and CCN by Kimberly Ho 
  3. Fiona Writes Fiction (or Why AAC-Using Kids Need Word Play) by Heather Kirn Lanier 
  4. Communication Milestones (LinguaSystems) by Janet Lanza and Lynn Flahive 
  5. Limitless Stylus for People with Limited Hand Mobility by Venkat Rao
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