Fast FAACt Friday: Quick Reading Tip

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Fast FAACt Friday: Quick Reading Tip
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Want to do something really great for some of your prAACtical friends who aren’t yet reading fluently? Turn on closed Fast FAACt Friday: Quick Reading Tipcaptioning whenever they watch TV or videos.

Our fast fAACt for the week: Subtitles and captioning support reading comprehension and vocabulary learning, too.

Check out Chris Bugaj’s podcast and other resources, and turn on those captions!


Koskinen, P.Wilson, R.M., Gambrell, L.B. & Neuman, S.B. (1993). Captioned video and vocabulary learning: An innovative practice in literacy instruction. The Reading Teacher, 47(1), 36-43.


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This post was written by Carole Zangari


  • Thanks for sharing this! Turning the captions on is a passive, non-invasive, effective approach! I’m glad you liked the podcast too. It was a pretty terrible Doofenshmirtz impression at the beginning but I’m glad you got past it to enjoy the message 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! Keep up all the great work you are doing! You’re helping make a difference!

    “Hey, Where’s Perry?”
    – Chris

    • Avatar photo Carole Zangari says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Chris. I’m totally in awe of the work YOU are doing and would love to share more of your podcasts. It is so great to be in growing community of professionals working to make real change in the lives of people with significant communication difficulties. Thank you for letting us share your work!

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