Enough with the Big Buts

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Enough with the Big Buts
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Buts, buts, buts. Everywhere we turn these days, there are buts.No more buts

Buts about kids


“AAC is fine for some kids…

…but my student is too ‘low functioning'”

…but my client doesn’t have the motor skills”

…but the kids I work with aren’t interested”

…but I don’t want to give up on speech”

…but my children are too young”

Buts about adults

“AAC is great for some situations…

…but the parent/teacher won’t use it at home/in the classroom”

…but I didn’t learn that when I was in  grad school”

…but my principal doesn’t support it”

…but our practice uses an oral motor approach”

Buts about resources

“AAC is a great idea…

…but we don’t have that kind of funding”

…but I’m too busy to make all that stuff”

…but we’re lucky to get a laminator”

…but I’m spread too thin as it is”

Enough with the buts. AAC is not an ‘option’ for people with severely limited expressive abilities. It’s their access to language. No excuses. No more buts.
What are you waiting for?

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